A Tribute To Nature 

Unique handmade moss art and moss walls for your commercial or residential space. 

Why choose GreenOn Art work?


Our customers receive their own unique piece based on their needs. We believe that by co-creating the product we get the best results.


Each moss frame/installation is carefully crafted by selecting individual pieces of moss, which fit best with the creator's artistic view. Prior to preservation, the moss is harvested in a sustainable manner.


Only environmentally friendly materials are used for stabilizing the moss and creating the art pieces, making it perfectly safe to be placed indoor


Soundproofing is a moss characteristic. It can absorb both high and low frequency sounds, therefore significantly reducing interior noise and the echo effect.     


Our art is crafted in an environmental friendly manner. Plant-derived glycerin and food coloring are used to preserve the natural characteristics of the moss.


Our paintings keep their natural look and tactile feeling without requiring any maintenance. Each piece is delivered with 5 years warranty.

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